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  • Gujarat  has   always   been   a very   aggressive    player   in Economical  and   Business development   of  our country. Gujarat Government under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi – Chief Minister of Gujarat has provided leading support to industries.
  • Gujarat is India’s leading industrialized state. A number of multinational companies, private sector companies and public sector companies are headquartered in the State.
  • Availability of Highly Skilled, trained and technical Manpower.
  • Gujarat ranks the highest in terms of harmonious labour relations in India.
  • Industrial friendly and co-operative Gov’t.
  • Strong entrepreneurial tradition.’
  • One of the first few states in India to have encouraged private sector investment in infrastructure.
  • The state has 11 airports including an international airport at Ahmedabad – this is the highest number of airports in any state of India.
  • Excellent road network – exceeding 74,000 kms.
  • An extensive rail network connecting all major centers of state and country including Ports.
  • Longest coastline of 1600 kms, dotted with 41 ports, 1 major, 11 intermediate and 29 minor ports. Country’s first private sector ports, Pipavav, D0ahej-Hazira and Mundra are already operational.
  • Having premier educational institutions like IIM, CEPT, NID, NIFT, Gujarat University, NIRMA  and Many technical colleges.
  • Liberal and favourable labour laws to support development of SEZ.
  • Economy growing at an annual rate of 15 % in terms of GDP whereas that of India is 8%.
  • Leader in production of Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Salt, Dyes, Soda Ash etc.
  • State-wide grid for gas and water distribution.
  • Sufficient and Quality power supply.
  • Only state providing 24 hours three phase electricity to a  sizeable number of villages.
  • Availability of basic feed stock.
  • Low overhead cost.
  • Affordable Houses & enviable quality life.

Business enjoys, stable tax structure, exceptional incentives and efficient state government.